Climate-neutral electric power, always available, decentralised – can be used almost anywhere in the world, in all required quantities, without danger to people or the environment, affordable. We are able to say goodbye to fossil backup solutions. Likewise, the re-emerging discussion about the further use of nuclear energy becomes superfluous. But also for other parts of the world, where many people still have no access to electricity at all, this technology means a turning point towards better living conditions. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, there are about 860 million people who have no access to electricity. Our world would be fairer and further hardships could be significantly improved through access to electricity, not only because we can produce climate neutrally around the clock, but also because this technology can be used decentrally almost everywhere and is affordable. After all, access to energy is a prerequisite for prosperity and better living conditions. Healthy economies can emerge, agricultural productivity increases due to possibilities for further processing and cooling, schools and hospitals can be operated, jobs can be created, and causes of escape are avoided at the point of their emergence, as they primarily arise from poverty and a lack of prospects. Dependencies on gas and oil suppliers would dwindle and competition is not dependent on a few players. We are writing the next chapter of energy production!