The solution to the global energy problem


Energy Towers can be built where energy is needed and consumed. Long power lines that cut through the landscape are no longer necessary.


Energy Towers are scalable from 1 megawatt to 1 gigawatt or more and can therefore replace large power plants. Depending on demand and location, the plants can be built at different heights and connected in series, and can also blend into the surroundings.

independent of location

Energy Towers generates approx. 100 MW of energy on one hectare of land. In comparison: photovoltaics generate approx. 0.6 MWp and wind turbines approx. 7.5 MW on the same area.


Energy Towers combines many sustainability factors.

  • climate-neutral energy production
  • Conservation of resources
  • Risk-free operation of the plant
  • No hazardous substances
  • No disposal issues
  • Little land consumption
  • Long service life


Energy Towers produces around the clock for more than 8,000 hours a year. The use is independent of external influencing factors and is also harmless.

climate neutral

Energy Towers generates 100% climate-neutral electricity. The drive is also powered by renewable energy and can be varied or combined depending on which resource makes the most sense depending on the location.

Base-load capable 24/7

Energy Towers produces climate-neutral electricity around the clock and thus stands out significantly from the main renewable energy sources. These rely on resources that are not permanently available, namely sunlight or wind. Energy Towers produces electricity with the power of buoyancy in water. This force is always available. Energy Towers is therefore capable of providing base load and contributes to the security of supply of the population.